Industrial Factory In Georgia
Industrial Factory In Georgia

Many traditional manufacturers choose to expand their activities to developing countries, in order to benefit from lower production and operation costs. By doing so, they are able to enhance their ongoing relevance and competitiveness in today’s dynamic market – and increase their bottom line.

Effectiveness Goes Global
Transferring manufacturing operations to a foreign country is a proven and strategy used by the most successful enterprises worldwide. But is there a smart way to do it?

W.B. Investments specializes in relocating, replicating and establishing industrial operations in Georgia. Our background in diverse industries, most notably the aviation industry, allows us to establish factories that adhere to strict standards (“aviation standards”). We guide clients that come from a wide range of industries, and whose operations are based on a large scale of quality standard levels.

We offer our clients end-to-end guidance, from the initial financial feasibility tests to a fully operational factory in Georgia. We base our work on a detailed multi-step plan that is individually tailored for each client. Together, we examine the production lines and map those that are less profitable for the company.

Once we’ve completed the mapping stage, we’ll guide our clients throughout the decision-making process regarding the establishment of new production lines in Georgia – and the best possible ways for implementation. Our goal is to extend our extensive knowledge to our clients, and to help them make smart and time-effective decisions.

Our process includes:

  • Needs Assessment: Comprehensive guidance from the initial brainstorming sessions and HLD stage to a complete factory outline that responds to current and future needs. The assessment process also includes a mapping of all logistic requirements, such as material importing and the shipping and handling of finished goods.
  • Selecting a Specific Location: We examine potential locations in Georgia for the new factory, in accordance with a wide range of predetermined parameters, until we locate the appropriate property that fits our clients’ needs.
  • Permits: Our acquaintance with Georgia’s laws and regulations allows us to effectively handle the bureaucracy that comes with establishing a manufacturing plant, and to obtain all relevant permits and authorizations.
  • Factory Establishment: Our mission is to establish our clients’ production activities in Georgia. Acting as our clients’ operational arm, we deploy the necessary personnel and resources in order to set up a control & command operation that facilitates the establishment of a factory with high-standard production lines, which adhere to specific industry standards.
  • Manpower Recruitment: As we draw closer to the finish line, we will begin recruiting quality manpower that fits the personnel profiles outlined by our client. The recruitment stages include candidate searching, processing, interviewing and hiring recommendations.


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