Logistic Center in Georgia
Logistic Center in Georgia

W.B. Investments helps manufacturers enjoy many logistic advantages in Georgia, without the need to establish factories or production lines.

At W.B Investments, our goal is to respond to a wide range of business needs. This is why we are collaborating with a local company in managing a logistic center in Georgia, which provides all the necessary logistic services pertaining to goods receiving, storage, disassembly and transport to end clients.

Advanced Logistics in Georgia. A New World of Advantages.
The logistic center includes vast storage spaces for a wide range of products, from goods that require refrigeration to pharma industry items. Manufacturers have access to an advanced CRM system, which helps them track the status of their inventory and conduct remote actions.
The logistic center allows industrial companies from all over the world to save resources and enjoy optimal piece-of-mind, as they store their goods and transport their products to European and Asian destinations.

Additional Advantages:

  • Location: The logistic center is located in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, with easy access to the airport, train stations and major highways.
  • Security: The logistic center is secured via an alarm and CCTV network.
  • Control: Goods are protected by monitoring & control systems that track storage environment temperature, humidity and more.
  • Customs: When necessary, the logistic center offers brokerage services for custom-taxed goods.


Want to enjoy smart logistics? Looking to optimize your European and Asian-market operations? We’ll be happy to provide additional information. To schedule a meeting, please contact us via phone or email.


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