W.B. Investments was established in 2019. The company relies on the rich experience of a. The Israeli change that was established in 1998 by Ari Weisburt, an industry leader in the Israeli economy. The company is an entrepreneurial and project management company, which during its many years has established industrial and production lines of international standards for companies with significant production volume in various industries, such as: the plastics industry, the military and civilian industries, in Israel and Georgia.

As an entrepreneurial company, we strive to find solutions that meet the demands of the present while looking to the future. By establishing close collaboration with our customers, we promote cost reduction through operational efficiency. Our commitment to quality, transparency and high performance is key to our success.

Some of our advantages
  • Partnership with our customers: We see our customers as complete partners in all stages of the establishment of the factory. From the characterization stage, setting the goals and objectives to the stage of getting the key to a working factory, while measuring the milestones that are predefined for success.
  • Project management TURN KEY: From the understanding of needs, characterization of requirements, construction / locating of structure, construction / adjustment of required infrastructure, recruitment of personnel to obtaining a working enterprise in the required international standards.
  • Quality Assurance: The company has an advanced quality assurance methodology that is implemented in coordination with the customer for the quality assurance of the production process from start to finished product.
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