Georgia – Your Opportunity to Break Boundaries

In this developing pastoral country, we found an exceptional business opportunity for the traditional and semi-traditional industries in Israel and developing countries industry. Georgia allows us to produce a unique alternative to manufacturing in Israel, which is characterized by high operating costs, an alternative that will allow you to cut at least 40% of your costs. Moreover, Georgia’s political stability, the support it receives from many countries, its strategic location in the world and its distance from Israel make Georgia a leading alternative to the establishment of industrial plants, whether in the W.B. Industrial Park or outside of it We will guide you in locating and setting up a factory that meets all your needs.

About Us

W.B. INVESTMENTS LLC is an Israeli-owned Georgian company that aims to create a true alternative to the traditional and semi-traditional industry in Israel and in developed countries in general, to the high manufacturing costs and exhausting bureaucracy, while maintaining high standards, skilled personnel and quality products.

We specialize in establishing industrial plants from the needs characterization stage to the actual production stage, while complying with international production standards. The company is led by senior industry executives in the Israeli and Georgian markets.

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Why Georgia and why us?


Cutting operating costs


Global accessibility


Corporate tax


Real estate cost cuts


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