Industrial Park Vision

W.I. Industrial Park will serve as a prime example of a 4th th4.0 generation industrial park, that will be characterized by business collaborations, employment opportunities, professional training, export-biased production and advanced production within a sustainable system that meets international environmental standards.

About W.I. Industrial Park

W.B. Investments LLC is currently establishing the 4.0 generation industrial park Georgia Industrial Park.

We are currently working with enterprises that want to replicate and / or expand their operations to another country, thus cutting approximately 40% of operating costs and opening up to a market of over 900 million inhabitants, enabling enterprises to become major players in the international market.

The park’s location in Georgia was carefully chosen after extensive testing of the logistical needs of the various industries that will populate the park.

Among them are:
  • The plastics industry
  • The aluminum industry
  • The electricity and electronics industries
  • The packaging and paper industries


Principles of Sustainable Industrial Park Establishment PDF

The W.I. Industrial Park Georgia will be managed by W.B. Investments and will offer extensive services to establishments in its area.

Services offered at the park include:
  • Vocational Training Center – The park’s enterprises will be able to benefit from well-equipped classrooms that include demonstration, training and learning tools for the benefit of professional employees in the various industrial areas.
  • Conference Hall – The conference hall will hold international exhibitions and it can be used by the factories for the benefit of independent conferences.
  • Waste collection and recycling – In order to maintain sustainable production regulations and comply with the international regulations of a 4.0 industrial zone, a waste recycling center will be set up which will be maintained by the park.
  • Employee transportation – Transportation for employees will be operated by the park administration.
  • Business Collaborations – The park administration will proactively promote collaborations between the park’s enterprises and local enterprises.
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