Establishment of Industrial Plants in Georgia

W.B. Investments specializes in relocating and establishing industrial plants in Georgia. As part of its operations, the company is establishing W.B. Industrial Park Georgia (link). Industrial factories seeking to replicate and/or expand their operations to Georgia will profit from all the services the industrial park has to offer if they choose to be a part of the industrial park, or they will profit by owning their own industrial property (link).

Some of the services we offer:

  • Understanding and characterizing customer needs: structure, infrastructure, logistics and manpower.
  • Locating real estate for industrial purposes in Georgia according to customer needs.
  • Managing the infrastructure construction project in Georgia.
  • Recruiting of quality local personnel.
  • Locating sources of funding from local equity holders and partnership stakeholders.
  • Managing Turnkey projects: from the characterization stage until the establishment of an operating plant according to the required international standards.
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